Million Dollar Geckos

Welcome to Million Dollar Geckos


Hello and welcome to my website. 

I live in the Midlands and I am a leopard gecko enthusiast. I designed this website to display my leopard gecko collection and also to provide useful information and advice on leopard gecko care, breeding and health.

I previously kept leopard geckos since 2006 however I do not currently have any leopard geckos since the sad loss of my first ever leopard gecko Poppy in 2016.

I have decided to leave this website online as reference and I hope the Care Sheet, Health and Breeding pages are useful to people.

 I have previously taken in rescue leopard geckos with issues such as MBD, shedding problems, blindness and non-feeders/emaciated leos. I nursed these leos back to health then rehomed them but am not able to do this at present.

If you need any help or advice, please feel free to contact me.


In Memory of Poppy 2006- 2016